James Allen Diamond Ring Review

When buying a diamond ring, there is always the fear of getting ripped off. If you don’t want to waste your money, and you don’t like getting confused with all the choices, then you should try shopping for diamonds through James Allen.

James Allen is an online diamond retailer that was founded by James Allen Schultz and his wife Michele with another name. In 2005, the company was relaunched as James Allen because they wanted to take a new direction with the site by offering quality AGS and GIA certified true ideal cut diamonds.

Since then, James Allen has taken their engagement ring line very seriously. They now offer stunning settings including their special delicate crossover pave setting. They have also partnered with several established designers to bring you some of the best settings on rings possible.

I have reviewed diamond rings from several retailers but the rings I bought from James Allen for review purposes will always remain my favorite for several reasons. For the purposes of this James Allen diamond ring review, I decided to go through the entire shopping process to see how it feels like ordering a ring from the brand in 2019.

I ordered the J SI2 Excellent cut GIA certified diamond mounted in a very basic white gold solitaire setting. After waiting for just a couple of days, I received my package and here are my thoughts.

The Diamond Ring Package

I have reviewed rings from several diamond retailers and I have to say the packaging James Allen does for its rings are easily the best you can find anywhere. The products are shipped in a full sized thick red colored box with the slides embossed with the brand name and their logo. This box is made in such a way that it perfectly fits in a courier box so no damage can be seen.

When I slid off the lid of the box, I was presented with a full-sized foam insert complete with a space cut out in the center where the polished hardwood jewelry box is placed. Underneath the foam lines of the box is a container that has all the documentation of the product.

For my ring, I got a GIA certificate, an appraisal document, an envelope that contained the invoice, warranty card, and gift cards. The package also contains a polishing cloth for the diamond as well as a hearts and arrows scope (only available with True Hearts diamond purchases).

The box can also act as a functional and handsome looking jewelry box for the ring or any other pieces of jewelry you have. What I really like about the packaging is that every single thing feels like first class and exquisite, it really shows that you have bought something premium. And if you are giving this ring as a gift to someone, then all the better! From the packaging alone you can easily tell how committed James Allen is to provide you with quality services.

The Diamond Ring Review

For the purposes of this review, I ordered myself a J SI2 which allowed me to choose the cleanest ring possible and the cheapest per one carat.

What really surprised and pleased me that the ring I got from James Allen was head to toe accurate with the pictures and videos I had seen on their site. If you’ve never shopped from this brand, you should know that they used a proprietary Diamond Display Technology that lets you view the diamonds in a 360-degree view. The diamond I got matched everything I saw on the site which means that you cannot go wrong with their system.

The diamond on the ring was exceptionally clean for an SI2 which was also pleasing to see. The inclusions were very faint and could only be seen if I examined it using a jewelers loupe with 10x zoom. The cut was also exceptional as expected and the diamond above the ring looked lively and brilliant.

A couple of years ago when I reviewed James Allen Diamond Rings, I could not find a good ring outside of their engagement ring line. This meant that anyone who was looking for a diamond ring with some other purpose than purposing their girlfriend would find it really difficult to search for a diamond ring not meant for a bride.

But ever since then, things have changed. There are actually a lot more rings available from the vendor outside of their engagement ring line which is a great thing. I have also noticed significant improvements in the breadth of their other jewelry lines. I felt it was important to mention this here because James Allen is so perfect with diamonds that it felt to recommend other pieces of jewelry from them.

Other Jewelry from James Allen

For this review, I decided to look at the eternity bands, the tennis bracelets, and the diamond pendants. When looked up close, the tennis bracelet from James Allen is also very impressive. It is never really easy to match that many diamonds but the brand does it so well that they all fit perfectly.

The eternity band from the is also quite good. They offer it at a low price but the brilliance and sparkle on these rings are as good as any other rings from the vendor. The quality grade is on the spot and the ring is a perfect compliment to a gifted engagement ring.


If I were you, I would not buy a diamond ring from anywhere other than James Allen. Even after buying rings from many other vendors, James Allen remains my favorite when it comes to diamond rings. They also have many salient brand features that make them easily recommendable. For example, you get free shipping anywhere in the U.S with a lifetime warranty. And if that isn’t enough, the brand also offers 30-day full money back guarantee on all the jewelry you buy from them. It’s like buying at zero risks!

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